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About Us

Future Environmental Technologies Group develops green technology solutions designed to help organisations engaged in industrial and agricultural activities with a high pollution potential, to meet their regulatory obligations by keeping within agreed emissions limits, and to profit from environmental over-performance.

Our technology solves the significant issues in scaling electrochemical processes and is based on both proven science and tried and tested large-scale commercialised industrial applications. Our systems can be seamlessly integrated into existing installations to enhance their productivity and efficiency, or used on green field sites.

Our solutions also allow clients to leverage the opportunity of generating valuable new revenue streams, in the form of recycled waste waters and other generated by products. For existing, often ageing infrastructures such as power plants and metal production facilities, the challenge is retrofitting or adapting operating systems with green technology as the impact of environmental legislation could render infrastructure unviable.

For new facilities and start-up industries, green technology provides the opportunity to design electrochemical decontamination or separation into the heart of their processes and generate revenue through carbon credits and similar incentives from the beginning, bringing tangible additional commercial value from the outset.

Our Vision

The right development of our proven, green technology can and will ensure that clean air and water are real, sustainable and achievable rights, for this and future generations.

Over and above our technology, we have built a team with many decades of scientific experience and international accolades to further develop our capabilities, a commercial team and specialist industrial partners with the skills and experience to ensure it can be rapidly and cost-effectively deployed. Together, we are committed to the development of this technology and securing its place in environmental history.

Yet with such enormous technological advances also comes great responsibility, and we fully accept our duty as environmental leaders to rise to the challenge of raising awareness and tackling the socio-economic, financial, technical and cultural barriers that lie ahead.

We believe that our technology holds the key to a substantial reduction in industrial waste effluents for manufacturing and industry the world over and that this target can be realistically achieved – not in the next hundred years, but in the next ten. Now, at this moment, we have the opportunity to make a significant impact and redress the catastrophic effects of climate change and global warming.

Join us in making history – our legacy to tomorrow’s world.

The Team