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Carbon eXchange & Conversion Technology - CxC

CxC is based on FET's Cx platform technology, which takes Carbon Dioxide Capture a stage further with a diverse ability to convert the gas into usable Hydro-Carbon gas and liquid by-products.

Process Overview

The CxC Process flow diagram shows the main elements of a typical CxC deployment: 

The flue gas is captured from the flue stack at a temperature of  up to 270C and then cooled to 35C via a bespoke Condensing Economiser (CE) which recovers heat and water.
The output of the CE unit is also the input gas monitoring point.

Stage 1 of the CxC system uses and continually circulates a metal ion solution to act as the gas capture and carrying medium to remove and convert/destroy NOx and SOx.

The remaining CO2 gas then flows to the Stage 2 CxC Wash Column where the gas is captured and separated. It then undergoes an electro chemical/resin process to be converted in to High Grade Hydro-Carbon gas and/or liquid by-products for on-site reuse or sale. The remaining remediated cooled flue gas is emitted from the Wash Column stack which is also the output gas monitoring point.  

A few potential Hydro Carbon By-products:

- Formic Acid

- Ethylene

- Methanol

- Methane




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FET has successfully converted captured CO2 into a commercial grade Hydro Carbon liquid (Formic Acid) using the described process.

(Results below conducted by Intertek Labs)