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Carbon eXchange technology - Cx

Cx Closed Looped Carbon Capture is FET's core platform technology which separates Carbon Dioxide from hot flue gas streams as a commercial grade pure Carbon Dioxide gas. 

Process Overview

The Cx Process flow diagram shows the main elements of a typical Cx deployment: 

The flue gas is captured from the flue stack at a temperature of  up to 270C and then cooled to 35C via a bespoke Condensing Economiser (CE) which recovers heat and water.
The output of the CE unit is also the input gas monitoring point.
Due to a lack of high ionic content waste or the availability of sea water (used in CWx technology) the closed‐loop Cx system uses and continually circulates sodium sulphate solution to act as the gas capture and carrying medium. This solution is prepared in the Cx Electro Chemical plant.
The gas capture occurs in the Cx Wash Column and the remaining cooled flue gas is emitted from the wash‐column stack which is the output gas monitoring point.  
The CO2 is captured, the resultant materials from this process are stable sodium bicarbonate and sulphuric acid.
These are sampled and managed separately before being recombined to release the CO2 for storage or direct client use.

The Cx Process also has the ability to reduce/convert Nitrous and Sulphur Oxide gases.


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On our partner site in Wales, FET’s Cx System simultaneously captures in excess of 90% of the carbon dioxide and in excess of 85% of the Nitrogen Oxide from the flue gas emissions. These performance measures have been independently verified by Exova-Catalyst, one of the UK’s leading MCERTS and UKAS accredited (EA "approved") stack emissions testing specialists.