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Carbon Water eXchange Technology - CWx

FET’s solution to greenhouse gas remediation for large industrial emitters with coastal location's, is their patented Carbon Water Exchange (CWx) open flow system. Like all of FET’s technology, the CWx System is completely scalable and using proven electro-chemical exchange, blends seawater or industrial waste water with greenhouse gases to convert the gases into soluble, ph stable carbonate and bicarbonate environmentally friendly compounds ready for controlled release (similar to natural Carbon Dioxide ocean absorption).


Process Overview

The CWx Process flow diagram shows the main elements of a typical CWx deployment:

The flue gas is captured from the flue stack at a temperature of up to 270C and then cooled to 35C via a bespoke Condensing Economiser (CE) which recovers heat and water. The output of the CE unit is also the input gas monitoring point. The filtered sea water enters CWx Electro Chemical Plant where all metal ions are separated and prepared to act as the gas capture and carrying medium.
The gas capture occurs in the CWx Wash Column, using the prepared medium and the remaining cooled flue gas is emitted from the wash‐column stack which is the output gas monitoring point.  
The CO2 is captured, the resultant materials from this process are stable metal ion carbonates, bicarbonate and potable water. These are sampled and pH managed prior to safe, harmless return to the sea (similar to natural Carbon Dioxide ocean absorbtion).  
The process also has the ability to extract and concentrate other by-products from sea water, for example Chlorine gas and Sulphuric acid.

The CWx Process also has the ability to reduce/convert Nitrous and Sulphur Oxide gases.

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