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Waste Water eXchange - WWx

Industry today recognises that sustainable environmental practices like waste water minimization, conservation and the protection of water resources are all part of an efficient, cost-effective production operation. Waste water recycling, reclamation and reuse, are quickly becoming the standard in most industries to both reduce the environmental impact of their facilities and to improve their own bottom line. Industries that generate wastewater with high concentrations of conventional pollutants, toxic pollutants or other non-conventional pollutants, need specialised treatment systems. Stricter discharge limits and increasing energy costs are forcing many to look for new solutions to old problems.

Such treatment should comply with the terms of the legislation defining the characteristics of the effluent discharging in water streams. The concept of planning and development should be based on the criteria to protect land, water resources, aquatic life in streams and rivers and marine life from pollution and to safeguard public health as a high priority.

The environmental inspection on wastewater treatment plants aims to support and strengthen the protection of both the environment and the public health, since the pollution generated from the industrial establishments has a negative impact not only on the environment, but also on the health of the individuals.

Tighter and more stringent legislations are in force worldwide to control waste water industrial discharge, monitored by Local Government Environmental Agencies, with powers to impose large penalties or even site closure, if a business does not abide by the local discharge limits and standards.

FET has developed an innovative green technology – Waste Water eXchange (WWx) – which uses electrochemical separation to bring discharge waste effluents within local legal discharge limits at a fraction of the cost of other methods.

WWx also has the ability to treat contaminated solid waste when coupled with conventional industrial solid waste solubilisation processes, either to bring landfill matter safely within Environmental Agency limits or to extract precious materials within the solid wastes. 

Waste Water eXchange - WWx Waste effluent's

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Waste Water eXchange - WWx Waste solid's

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